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Successful startup of automotive sheet cutting line at Profilglass (Part 2)

The Line allows for the cutting of aluminium sheets of up to 10 metres from coils of 25 tonnes in weight, with an outer diameter of 2,500 mm, a width of 2,500 mm, and thickness ranging from 0.8 to 9.0 mm.

Downstream to the Decoiling function, an Edge Trimming facility removes any jagged or uneven edges, cutting them away from the mother strip. This ensures uniform edges on the mother strip and avoids the chance of bringing debris or contaminants into the machine.

The Levelling Machine, which features a 6-high Cassette design, is provided with no. 2 Roller Cassettes to perform strip levelling across the entire range of material thickness.
The main machine’s features include the Automatic Cassette Change, and positioning of the upper “cassette” half along the “X” and “Y” axis. “Localised corrections” are made in the lower “cassette” and recovery of backlash screws-down into the upper part of the Machine via a dedicated hydraulic circuit, also designed by Salico.

The Salico Rotary Shear, the undisputed leader in the field of Rotary Shears, helps to maximise the performance of the Mega Vacuum Stacker which completes the Line.
The upper PVC foil and the lower paper foil applications are applied upstream from the Rotary Shear.

Non-stop sheet stacking of up to a maximum length of 5,000 mm is performed via two Stacking Platforms working alternatively, while Stop Stacking allows for production of sheets up to 10,000 mm long.
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Successful operation start of automotive Strip-Process line at Profilglass (Part 3)

Tension Levelling & Cleaning Line

The Line is designed to process aluminium coils of 1,650 mm in width, weighing up to 12 tonnes, and ranging in material thickness of 0,2 to 2,0 mm.

The Line is a unique two-floor design. ...
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The machine trade Reuss is presenting itself!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our company is dealing with the
-On/sale of used machine tools, machining centres, machine accessories and spare parts
-Sale of new machines/manufacturer-independent/
-Machine mediation with coordination ...
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Successful commissioning of automotive cutting lines at Profilglass (Part 1)

Following the impressive growth path of our all-time customer PROFILGLASS, Salico has recently delivered and started up two very impressive Cutting Lines along with a Tension Levelling & Cleaning Line for applications in ...
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